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The Franchise Chamber of South Africa has over 20 years of experience in developing profitable, scalable, and easy to follow franchise systems. We have developed over 100 individual franchise systems and have a specialist team focused on guiding you through the process of establishing a compliant and sellable system. By using Franchise Chamber to create your franchise system you are leveraging our vast experience in the franchising industry to create a painless, market ready system which you can start selling immediately. We take a very stern approach on franchising compliance as it is extremely important to protect both the franchisor and franchisee. 

Franchising your business is not a simple process but Franchise Chamber makes it simple. What sets us apart is that we design and help establish unique franchise systems specifically designed to assist your company and brand expand rapidly, make profit, and have fun in the process. We focus on creating opportunities for more people to do what they are great at or in our words, “to walk in their design.” 



What are the benefits of franchising my business?

Franchising allows you to grow your business with the use of other people’s capital. In exchange for this capital, you provide them with the processes, procedures, and systems that you have used to make your business a success.

Franchising allows you to establish a national and international brand by partnering with driven franchisees with a common goal of seeing your brand become a success.

What do I need to know to franchise my business?

Franchising your business is a legal process that requires several documents including Confidentiality agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, and Franchise Operations Manual. We recommend you seek professional advice from a professional team who have experience specifically with ensuring compliance with contractual documents. South Africa, unfortunately is not known for being the most compliant nation in the world but Franchise Chamber is willing to offer assistance in ensuring your agreement stands the test of time to build a sustainable and long-term brand. 

Please feel free to schedule a free consultation should you be interested in finding out more. 

Should one of your franchisees were to take legal action against you. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation should you be interested in finding out more.

What are the benefits of franchising my business?

What are the REQUIREMENTS for franchising my business?


The legal requirement for establishing a Franchise are only the following three documents:

The Franchise Disclosure Document.

The Franchise Agreement.

The Operations Manual.



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The Long Answer

The Franchise Chamber of South Africa addresses the development of Franchises in a very structured and phased approach.

The four phases are:

CONCEPT or consider phase – during which the entrepreneur considers franchising as growth strategy concept and engages with us to discuss aspects such as:

Pros and cons of franchising.

Potential pitfalls.

More details on the process.

As well as initial aspects of the design of the franchise system.

Part of this initial phase is usually also a detail proposal.

The DESIGN phase – during which the franchise system is designed, suitable for this unique business and environment, prior to development of the legal documents.  The design phase addresses various aspects, including:

The structure, format and amounts for royalties or management fees.

The structure of the marketing fund and the contribution by each franchisee.

The term of the franchise agreement.

The capital cost and detail breakdown of all requirements for establishment.

A detail analysis of the profitability of the franchise – for both the franchisor and the franchisee.

Determination of the initial selling price as well as the structure of payment.

We document all of the above in the format of a franchise viability study, which includes the evaluation of the business on 15 criteria which include elements such as uniqueness and barriers to entry, sustainability, transfer of skills, profitability, etc. It serves as the foundation for the franchise documents.

We also address the development and registration of trademarks.

The development of the Franchise Disclosure Document.

The development of the Franchise Agreement

We assist with the development of the Operations Manual as required.

The final step in this phase is accreditation with FASA.

Establish Phase – An important step in the phases where our team assists with selling the first franchise, together with the franchisor supporting the new franchisee towards profitability. The steps included in this step phase are :

Defining and designing the franchise roll-out programme with preferred initial territories.

Selling the first franchise and concluding the contractual agreements, even registering the required companies if required.

Training of the franchisee and establishment of the franchise.

Combined support from the franchisor and the Franchise Chamber of South Africa to the franchisee to ensure rapid growth towards profitability.

Once Franchise #1 is profitable, we support the sale of franchise #2 – and the same steps of training and support towards profitability. (THE ESTABLISH PHASE)

Thereafter the roll-out programme and management of franchises progresses towards the growth phase.

The Growth phase – This phase focuses on scaling the franchises in the franchise network. Growth is not a decision taken lightly but a consideration of future locations for the franchise, the roll out plan, ensuring consistent brand experience and future pricing of the franchise. 

Roll-out strategy.

Management of franschise applications

In selected cases, we can even assist with funders.

In unique cases, we assist with the management of the franchise network and managing the performance and compliance of the franchisees.

Organising of the annual franchise celebration and prize-giving event (THE GROWTH PHASE)