Great accounting saves businesses

Great accounting saves businesses Published: ( Image Source, © )  Profitable small businesses can still fail if their accounting is not solid, we unpack the importance of having a certified accountant for the small business. They are not nice to haves but a critical pillar in the wellness of the business’s profits, cash management and […]

Business plan that secures funding

Write a franchise business plan that secures you funding after reading this article Published: ( Image Source, © )  Writing a business plan as a franchisee for funding can be an intimidating task, this article has done the skeleton work on the important details the investor will be interested in viewing to see the worth […]

Shorten the period to profits in a franchise

Shorten the period to profits in a franchise Published: ( Image Source, © )  Joining a franchise surely has lower risks but profit is the reason why most buy into a franchise network. Curiosity on how long you would have to wait before seeing profits or return on investment (RIO) in a franchise is an […]

Buy or not buy into a franchise’s success?​

Buy or not buy into a franchise’s success? Published: ( Image Source, © ) This article unpacks the pros and cons of being part of a franchise network or starting your own business from scratch. Each have their realities, but both are business, investment and employment opportunities if done successfully.   Not everyone is suited to […]